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    Posted 6/7/2018 4:11 PM by Callie Murray

    Sussex Technical School District offers a 4-year electrical training program in Delaware's fastest growing county, where construction is booming, and employers can't find enough electricians.  

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    Posted 3/23/2018 1:42 PM by Callie Murray

    Maryland has positioned apprenticeship as a core workforce development strategy through an organizational realignment that has better positioned the state to leverage resources and the expansion of business engagement to grow opportunities in new industry sectors and increase access for underserved populations.

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    Posted 2/23/2018 7:13 PM by Bradley Roller

    Hear "Appalachia" and a few images may come to mind: craggy hills, coal mines, poverty. Interapt (a Louisville-based IT firm) is partnering with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet and a local community college to change that imagery. Together they’ve piloted Interapt Skills, creating apprenticeships for growing occupations, including Quality Assurance Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Android and iOS Developers, and Release Engineers in eastern Kentucky.

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    Posted 2/15/2018 4:44 PM by Callie Murray

    Apprenticeship is a workforce talent solution embraced by more and more employers across the United States. But did you know our U.S. military is one of them, leveraging apprenticeships to build the skills of our soldiers? 

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    Posted 11/9/2017 5:17 PM by Callie Murray
    For more than two decades, Hoang Phan worked whatever odd jobs he could find to keep the lights on and food on the table. But after enrolling in an industrial maintenance apprenticeship, he is now well on his way to a professional career.
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    Posted 11/9/2017 5:13 PM by Callie Murray
    Lynnard Jenifer always aspired to be an engineer. From his early years growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, he enjoyed working with his hands.An interest in engineering made sense – but after graduating from high school, Lynnard got an evening job working at a warehouse because he needed the money.
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    Posted 11/9/2017 5:08 PM by Callie Murray
    After graduating from West Roxbury High School in Boston, Mykelsy Charles began taking college classes while working to support herself and her mother. Mykelsy was determined to earn a degree but could only take a class or two each semester. After several years, the grind began to wear her down.
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    Posted 9/23/2016 7:36 PM by Chad Aleshire
    The Paul Hall Center Welcomes the Freedom Star, an Exciting New Addition to the Seafarers Apprenticeship Program
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    Posted 7/11/2016 3:53 PM by Chad Aleshire

    Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, sponsors of Registered Apprenticeship programs have the opportunity to be included on state Eligible Training Provider Lists (ETPL). This new provision paves the way for closer collaboration among the workforce and apprenticeship systems, and expanded training opportunities for workers. Now there's a suite of resources to help you and your partners access WIOA-related resources and support, including information on how to join the ETPL list.

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    Posted 5/2/2016 7:59 PM by Chad Aleshire

    Through the ApprenticeshipUSA initiative, DOL is investing to support strategies to catalyze industry partnerships in fast-growing and high-tech industries. Read more on why the administration is making these investments. This blog was originally posted on the official DOL blog page and can be read here: DOL Blog Page as well.