Apprenticeship Partnership Models in Action

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Partnerships are an integral component of successful and strategically sustainable apprenticeship programs. Today's ApprenticeshipUSA programs frequently feature mutually beneficial collaboration among many partners, including business, labor, education, workforce, and other community organizations. These partnerships are catalysts for ApprenticeshipUSA innovation, growth, and achievement.

Apprenticeship Partnership Models in Action illustrates three distinct models of partners performing leadership roles in successful apprenticeship programs. These include: 

  • Harper College, Illinois
    The college is the sponsor for apprenticeship programs in diverse industries, including: insurance, advanced manufacturing, and logistics/supply chain management. Harper College is also a leader in apprenticeship partnerships around the state.
  • Washington Technology Industry Association, State of Washington
    As the first registered tech apprenticeship program in the country, the Association brings together industry, education, and workforce partners to expand the pipeline of qualified, diverse workers for the information technology (IT) industry. This program is now available to IT firms nationwide.
  • Valley to Virginia Initiative, Virginia
    The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board provides leadership for regional businesses’ apprenticeship programs in advanced manufacturing. The model includes comprehensive services to job seekers enrolled in the initiative.

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