Apprenticeship and WIOA Performance Outcomes

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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs are focused on achieving results for employers and workers. As a proven work-based learning strategy, apprenticeship programs help employers access skilled workers and job seekers access new careers. As a result, apprenticeship can positively impact WIOA performance outcomes.

This page offers tools and resources on apprenticeship and WIOA performance measures.

Desk Aid - Apprenticeship Works for the Public Workforce System: Performance Outcomes

This desk aid explains how Registered Apprenticeship programs can positively impact each of the WIOA performance measures for the Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth programs.   

Online Tutorial - Apprenticeship Works for the Public Workforce System: Performance Outcomes

This self-paced tutorial helps workforce professionals learn, and test their understanding, about Registered Apprenticeship programs and WIOA performance.  

Registered Apprenticeship Counts!

This 1-page fact sheet provides a quick overview of how Registered Apprenticeship programs “count” in WIOA performance measures.  

Webinar- WIOA Implementation and Registered Apprenticeship Programs

This webinar reviews five key “touch points” for Registered Apprenticeship that exist in WIOA and how this “earn and learn” model can benefit customers andworkforce system performance.

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